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Looking for ways to improve your home office setup or hoping to discover how to build a remote team as part of your business? The Remote Office Guide is the ultimate online resource for everything remote working related.

“ The future is clearly more in favour of remote setups – that’s why I built my company 100% remote”

As more businesses move towards remote working and hybrid setups, and freelancers choose their kitchen table over a 2-hour commute, it’s becoming increasingly important for a whole range of people to consider everything from their desk and office chair, through to the software they use to stay connected.

The Remote Office Guide exists as a key resource to help people consider the best options for them.

Don’t get left behind in this shift towards a more balanced lifestyle for you and your teams, and keep an eye open for our latest articles discussing everything you need to remain at the forefront of remote working.

Work remotely in style and comfort

The quality of desk, software and hardware that you use everyday matters.

As a team of people who have been working remotely for over a decade, we’ve been there when it comes to that horrible dining room chair and the aches that follow.

We’ve also experienced what it’s like to travel as part of a remote team and the things to consider both before you go and whilst you’re away.

Our guides are built from years of experience and testing, so you’re getting the best advice and guidance for your own remote working setup and journey.

  • Standing Vs Sitting Desk: Pros and Cons
    The pros and cons of using standing desks vs sitting at work have come under greater scrutiny over the last few years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for remote-first ways of working. For many workers across different … Read more
  • Working From Home vs The Office: Pros and Cons Guide
    Since the early 2020s and the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in hybrid and fully remote working, with more workers thinking about how they can make their working hours fit in with their lifestyles. There are many pros … Read more
  • Remote Team Communication Methods
    If you have a remote team working across one or more time zones, communication is essential to ensure that every team member stays accountable for their work and actions, and for processes to run smoothly. Teams communicate very differently when … Read more
  • How to Stay Active When Working From Home – 12 Tips
    In the last few years, working from home has become the reality (and the norm) for many people around the world. Although it may seem like a great arrangement – avoiding the morning commute, preventing early mornings and being able … Read more
  • The Ideal Home Office Setup: Layout and Tips
    Working from home has become the new norm for many people up and down the country since the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as the pandemic finally starts to recede, employers are realising that they don’t need to rent large buildings, and … Read more
  • Asynchronous Working: What It Is and How to Do It in 2024
    In recent years, businesses around the world have adapted to more flexible, remote working after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many have embraced these new types of working styles going forward, many still haven’t considered the benefits of … Read more
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No more boring office cubicle

Your space. Your decision.

Being able to have your own home office space or when travelling the world and working from your laptop, it’s completely up to you in what you surround yourself with. We’ve spent time collating some of the best options and ideas that are sure to give you a slice of inspiration for customising your work space.

Why trust us? We live it.

As the people behind The Remote Office Guide, we practise what we preach.

We operate a fully remote office setup ourselves, meaning we’ve been there when it comes to that kitchen table setup, or extending the WiFi to hop on a team call whilst in the garden.

We live this

Remote work is how we roll